About me and what I do

I am a photographer who chooses the outdoors over a studio. I work indoors when needed but natural light and the magnificent backdrop of the real world is my first choice. 

I am a journalist and have worked many years with communication. So if you need words to accompany the images I’ll be delighted to provide that as well. 

Emotions and Events 

Weddings. Yes, a wedding is a great reason to hire a photographer. But it doesn’t have to be a wedding. Love can be celebrated without exchanging rings. I love taking photos of people in love.

I have also worked with companies and brands doing events that has nothing to do with love. Where people and products share the limelight. 

Babies and Bosses

Shooting portraits is interesting. Capturing THAT look or THE glimmer in someone’s eye. 

You can not make a baby look happy. She is or she isn’t. Most babies aren’t crazy about posing. Some three year olds love to pose! That doesn’t mean it will make a good portrait … I prefer to photograph children in their natural habitat. Doing something they are comfortable with. 

Bosses however are in general great posers. In any environment. Give me a call if you need photos of the full staff or just the top dog. 

Sports and Sponsors

A sports event needs to be covered with the best images possible. To say it was great isn’t enough! Sponsors need the best shots of their athletes and the athletes need to perform on social media as well as in their sport.